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National Geographic CRUISE NG Explorer 2020
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South America
Cruising on the National Geographic Explorer is the ultimate expedition cruise ship, combining modern conveniences and comfort with adventure travel. A state-of-the-art vessel with an ice-class 1A hull, this ship will have absolutely no problems navigating polar passages. For effortless landing ashore, the Explorer carries 26 kayaks and inflatable rafts, as well as a fleet of 14 Zodiacs. Onboard you'll travel with undersea specialists, naturalists and National Geographic photographers, who are experts in their field and can give you wonderful insight on the region. Exploration technology, such as a microscope, hydrophone, underwater video camera and SplashCam, are used to further enhance your experience. Interior spaces are comfortable and include two restaurfffffffffants, a lounge and bar, library, and observation lounge for presentations and workshops. A fitness center and luxury wellness spa contain a sauna, two treatment rooms and a relaxation area. Staterooms are spacious and warmly decorated with outside views. Amenities include porthole or picture window, deluxe bedding, internet connection, flat-screen TV, hairdryer and private bath with shower. A dozen staterooms are equipped with a balcony
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